Hoover Toy Cleaner
"any child can learn"
"thrills and fun galore"
Cracker Jack
Fun Parade Dept.
who wouldn't want to get a letter with a Hitler stamp?
"all around glamor legs"
"You'll be right on the beam..."
A New Scientific Toy
"with performing chameleon"
"grows real grass"
Hey kids! Baseball legend Yogi Berra wants you to... sell salve?

"the only bicycle with bumpers"
How to start a club instructions
"she makes a honey of a rescue"
Art instruction
Food tablets made from seaweed, invented by Dr. Kelpidine, as in "kelp".

A too-good-to-be-true oil additive.

Choose between pop ("Hit Parade"), Gospel ("Most Loved Hymns") and Country (unflatteringly referred to as "Hill Billy Hits")

"So lifelike, you'll probably find yourself talking to him."
"survival is not enough"?
Bodybuilding tips from the probably fictitious George Jewett.

Turning kids into seed salesmen.

One of the better illustrated "plastic army" ads. Looks similar to comic artist Russ Heath.