"adds pep and personality"
"get acquainted offer"
"You alone will know these revealing secrets"
"Now Air Rifle Owners Can Become Junior Members of the NRA..."

"diaphragm control"
"Large enough for 2 kids but can be handled by one"
up to 4 ft tall
7 mystery novels
"you must be delighted"
misc toys
Aurora Models
"amazing fish bait in a tube"
"you'll play instantly"
bicycle attachment
"artistic similies"
"Baby Ruth: when our body motor runs low"
"outguess the weatherman"
"glows in the dark"
"boogie-woogie is easy"
made of Flexton
"send no money - we trust you"
Jatex Javelin
Phil Rizzuto Wheaties
"Super Duper"
Lionel Trains